Speaker Date Topic
Vocational IQ Game Show Jan 26, 2022
Prayer/Moment of Reflection: Darin Adair; Greeter: Pam K; Zoom Greeter: Joan F.

Owner:  Vocational Committee

Joan F. will lead us in the pledge.

Black Wall Street (Zoom Program) Feb 02, 2022
ROTD: Andrew Z; Ask Q: Denny C; Greeter: Bryce H; Zoom Greeter: Oksana

Dr. Duchess Harris  Owner:  Equity & Inclusion Committee

The Tulsa race massacre took place on May 31 and June 1, 1921, when mobs of white residents, some of whom had been deputized and given weapons by cith officials, attached black residents and destroyed homes and businesses in Tulsa, OK, known as the Tulsa pogrom, the Tulsa race riot or the Black Wall Street massacre.  The event is considered one of the single worst incidents of racil violence in American history.  The attackers burned and destroyed more than 35 square blocks of the neighborhood, at a time one of the welathiest black communities in the US, known as "Black Wall Street.

Valentine Fun Meeting Feb 09, 2022
ROTD: Deb S; Ask Q: Gary C; Greeter: Tom H; Zoom Greeter: Oksana
Save for Bill Schult Feb 16, 2022
ROTD: Mary H; Ask Q: Jose D; Greeter: Ron H; Zoom Greeter: Oksana

Presenter:  Bill Schult

Foundation Program Feb 23, 2022
ROTD: Joanie L; Ask Q: Mike F; Greeter: Paul H; Zoom Greeter: Oksana

Owners:  Foundation Committee

Safe Harbor Mar 02, 2022
ROTD: Kyle S; Greeter:

Speaker:  Paula Schaefer & Karen Walkowski
Owner:  Joanie Lompart

Youth Frontiers Mar 09, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:

Speaker:  Joe Cavanaugh
Owner:  Mary Haugen

St. Paddy's Day Fun Meeting Mar 16, 2022
ROTD: John P.
Qokikamcha Ayllu - Peru Project Mar 23, 2022

Owner:  Dan S. & Oksana - International
Speaker:  Peg Duenow

CPR Mar 30, 2022
David Bruns - confirmed Apr 06, 2022

Owner:  Deb Severson
Speaker:  David Bruns

Open Apr 13, 2022
Open Apr 20, 2022
Open Apr 27, 2022
Open May 04, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:
Open May 11, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:
LFMF Update to Club May 18, 2022

Owners:  Tri-Chairs

Open May 25, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:
LFMF Alcohol Awareness Training Jun 29, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:

for all Rotarians at The Wilds

LFMF Kick-off Meeting Jul 06, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:

at the pavillion at Lakefront Park