Speaker Date Topic
LMF Alcohol Awareness Training Jun 29, 2022
ROTD: Corey S; Ask Q: Dan O. Greeter: Jack and Mary H.

for all Rotarians at The Wilds

LMF Kick-off Meeting - Held at Lakefront Park Jul 06, 2022
ROTD: Michelle, Mary E. & Frank B. Ask Q: Tim B; Greeter: Tim B.

Kirt Briggs will do the Welcome and Pledge


at the pavillion at Lakefront Park

Martin Owuso Journey to Division 1 Football Jul 13, 2022
ROTD: Dan S; Ask Q: Sheri J; Greeter: Mark K; Zoom Greeter: Jim McKelvey

Owner:  Mary & Jack Haugen

Speaker:  Andy Laufer's son Martin has accepted a full scholarship to play football at the U of M.  Martin has been heavily recruited and the family has taken many trips all over the country visiting colleges.  He will speak on what has he done to get himself to this level, the recruitment process and how he chose schools to visit. 

RI Convention Trip Experience Jul 20, 2022
ROTD: Dan P; Ask Q:Darin A; Greeter: Mary S; Zoom Greeter: Jim McKelvey

Speakers:  All that attended the convention in Houston TX


President Corey's Year Kick-off Jul 27, 2022
ROTD: Julie A; Ask Q: Mark K; Greeter: Sandy K. Zoom Greeter: Jim McKelvey
Dr. Alan Zimmerman - Motivational Speaker Aug 03, 2022
ROTD: Ben C. Ask Q: Dan S. Greeter: Darin A

40 minute program

Owner:  Jack H.

Speaker Dr. Alan Zimmerman

CAP Agency Aug 10, 2022
ROTD: Guy Selinske; Ask Q: Mary Selinske; Greeter: Sheri J

Speakers:  Jeff Hansen

Community Service - Doug MacCallum

Iditarod Race Winner - Brent Sass Aug 17, 2022
ROTD: Jose D. Ask Q: Paul K. Greeter: Rod A

Speaker:  Brent Sass

Owner:  Sandy Kaul

TBD Aug 24, 2022
ROTD: Darin A. Ask Q: Oksana O. Greeter: Lane B
New Members in the Spotlight! Aug 31, 2022
ROTD: Jeff B. Ask Q: Pam K. Greeter: Frank B
Erik Therwanger - Sep 07, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:

Owner:  Bill Zimbinski

No a.m. meeting; 5:01 Boating Event Sep 14, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:
Open Sep 21, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:
Mystery Trip Sep 24, 2022
League of MN Cities, Executive Dir. Dave Unmacht Sep 28, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:

Owner:  Jack Haugen

Speaker:  Dave Unmacht

Witches & Goblins Party Oct 26, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:
?Veterans Program? Nov 09, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:

Owner:  Sheldon Bryant

Holiday Fun Meeting Dec 21, 2022
ROTD: Greeter: