Speaker Date Topic
Club Meeting - Witches & Goblins Party Oct 28, 2020
ROTD: Oksana O. (ask Q: Sheldon) Greeter: Bob Facente; Zoom Greeter: Mary Haugen
Emotional Eating Nov 04, 2020
ROTD: Rick Olson; (ask Q: Dani K) Greeter: Mike S. Zoom Greeter: Don S.

Speaker: Andreya Tornes
Owner:  Jared Grier

Rotary Foundation Nov 11, 2020
ROTD: Paul Perez; (ask Q: Dani K) Greeter: Eric P; Zoom Greeter: Ashley C.

Speaker Jennifer Jones; Owner: Kyle Haugen


J F Kennedy Nov 18, 2020
ROTD: Mitch Popple; (ask Q Doug G:) Greeter: Tammy H; Zoom Greeter: Sherry H.

Owner: Mike Franklin. Speaker: David Yorks


Senior (still) Living Nov 25, 2020
ROTD: Rod A; (ask Q: Julie A) Greeter: Sheldon Bryant; Zoom Greeter: Bob B.

Owner:  Mary Haugen or Julie & Rod Ammerman

?Nakivale - Global Grant? Dec 02, 2020
ROTD: Mary V: (ask Q:) Greeter: Zoom Greeter:

Owner:  Rick Olson

Hold - International Roundtable Dec 09, 2020
ROTD: Andrew Zarras; (ask Q:) Greeter: Zoom Greeter?

Owner:  Kyle Haugen

Club Meeting - Holiday Party Dec 16, 2020
ROTD: Mary Erickson; (ask Q:) Greeter: Zoom Greeter:
Club Membership Meeting Canceled Dec 23, 2020
Open Dec 30, 2020
ROTD: Gerry Wersal: (ask Q:) Greeter: Zoom Greeter:
Thomas Hatcher Day at the Rotary & Vocational Serv Jan 06, 2021
ROTD: Dan O'Keefe; (Ask Q:); Greeter: Zoom Greeter

Vocational Team - Owners (Frank Boyles)

Cultural Exchange Mbarara Rotary Club Jan 13, 2021
ROTD: (Ask Q); Greeter: Zoom Greeter

Joan Fawcet & Rick Olson

Beacon Interfaith Housing/Prairie Point Dev. Jan 20, 2021
ROTD: (Ask Q); Greeter: Zoom Greeter

Owner:  Dan Poffenberger

MN Chamber Jan 27, 2021
ROTD: (Ask Q:) Greeter: Zoom Greeter:


Speaker:  Doug Loon


District Governor Ed Marek Feb 03, 2021 7:00 AM
ROTD: Markys Gesme

Owner: Marlys Gesme


Club Meeting - St. Patty's Day Party Mar 17, 2021
Get to Know New Members? Apr 07, 2021