This morning, it was announced that the 2021 Prior Lake Rotary's Lakefront Music Fest won the award for the Best Outdoor Festival! In a field of many competitors, it is an honor to have our customers take the time to vote for our event.
All Rotarians should be proud of this accomplishment, especially for 2021.  We were the first large outdoor festival post event pandemic closures, and handled all that was thrown at us during the year and weekend with amazing dedication to high quality.  We overcame event closures, artist cancellation, full capacity, new transportation plan, and everything else that comes with running an event for 35,000 people!
Your hard work to put on a high quality event  shows year after year as our customers return and vote for our event, even with some of the hiccups that happened during the last year’s event.  This event is put on by volunteers who have common goals of service before self and doing good in this world. These goals guide us to be different than other events and will continue to guide us to provide the fun, high sought out event.
Thank you for all that you do, all year long to bring LMF to our community; 101 Rotarians' dedication is why we received this award!  
Michelle Jirik, Lakefront Music Fest Event Director