Prior Lake Rotary teamed up with the Faribault Rotary Club on a Global Grant and District Grant to help provide educational opportunities for at-risk students and students with special needs at Ptea Teuk Dong (PTD) Learning Center. Prior Lake Rotary took the lead on a $92,000 Global Grant to help improve facilities for special needs students and provide professional development to teachers at PTD. Faribault Rotary took the lead on a $10,700 District Grant to build a soccer pitch for children at the school and in the village to encourage physical activities and improve health. Prior Lake Rotary came on board with a $2,625 contribution to the District Grant. (Photos of the progress and end results are shown below)
This spring, teachers from Prior Lake and Faribault will be traveling to Cambodia during Spring Break to work with teachers at PTD. Team Lead, Director of Equity and Inclusion for Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools, and Prior Lake Rotarian, Sambath Ouk, along with Prior Lake Rotarian Harry Algyer, will accompany the teachers. Faribault Rotarian Martha Brown will also be on the journey.