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Prior Lake
United States

There are two types of Friendship Exchange.  

Cultural Exchange is organized and maintained by the district.  If you are interested in this exchange you should visit the district 5960 site for additional information.    You are free to sign up here and a member of the Interntional Committee will help you.

PRL Rotary Club Friendship exchange is organized by our club with another club.  You (and partner if you choose) and others go visit another club for a period of time.  You stay in their homes and are basically entertained by them.  Then, they come here and stay in our homes and we entertain them.  You expenses are airfare and food and fun outside of their residence.  Generally, but not guaranteed, they will feed you when at their home.  

Registering for either type of activity is not a commitment.  You are only showing interest and will be invloved in all further discussion.