Speaker Date Topic
Cancelled - Attend the Evening Foundation Apprec. May 25, 2022
Cambodian Good Will Trip Jun 01, 2022
ROTD: Guy S; Ask Q: Mary S; Greeter: Kyle S; Zoom Greeter: Andrew L.

Speaker:  Sam Ouk

Owners:  International Committee

CAP Agency Jun 08, 2022
ROTD: Paul K; Ask Q: Gary C; Greeter: Daran A; Zoom Greeter: Andrew L.

Speaker:  Jeff Hansen

Owner:  Community Service

Pickleball 101 from the Pl Pickleball Association Jun 15, 2022
ROTD: Doug M; Ask Q: Paul H; Greeter: Sheldon B; Zoom Greeter: Andrew L.

Owner:  Jack H.

Dano's Year in Review Jun 22, 2022
ROTD: Pam R;Ask Q: Brad H; Greeter: Laurie H; Zoom Greeter: Andrew L.
LMF Alcohol Awareness Training Jun 29, 2022
ROTD: Corey S; Ask Q: Bryan F. Greeter: Jack and Mary H.

for all Rotarians at The Wilds

LMF Kick-off Meeting Jul 06, 2022
ROTD: Michelle, Mary E. & Frank B. Ask Q: Tim B; Greeter: Dan O.

at the pavillion at Lakefront Park

Martin Laufers Jul 13, 2022
ROTD: Dan O; Ask Q: Sheri J; Greeter: Sandy K; Zoom Greeter?

Owner:  Mary H.

?RI Convention Trip? Jul 20, 2022
ROTD: Dan P; Ask Q: Guy S; Greeter: Mary S; Zoom Greeter: ?
President Corey's Year Kick-off Jul 27, 2022
ROTD: Dan S; Ask Q: Dan O. Greeter: Sheri J.
Dr. Alan Zimmerman - Motivational Speaker Aug 03, 2022
ROTD: Greeter:

40 minute program

Owner:  Jack H.

Speaker Dr. Alan Zimmerman

Open Aug 10, 2022
Open Aug 17, 2022
Open Aug 24, 2022
Open Aug 31, 2022