Last Week's Rotarian in the Spotlight: Jack Haugen

How long have you been a Rotarian? Rotarian since 1979 with a three year leave 1983-85.

Who was your sponsor? Real estate agent and city councilman named Bill Bissonett

Why did you join Rotary? Was honored to be invited as a young 28 year old and was excited to join one of the most significant service organizations in the world.

What is your vocation? Agent and registered representative providing insurance and financial services to clients in the south metro area

What do you do in your spare time? Spend lots of time with family, especially with three young grand-children! Enjoy golfing, hiking, kayaking, traveling, and am a big Wolves, Gophers, and Twins fan!

Thank you, Jack, for all that you do on behalf of Rotary!